We call our jobs ‘franchise matchmaking’ rather than ‘selling franchise’. Franchise sales people are always happy to see who are willing to buy, while we focus more on who are qualified to run our clients’ brands among those who have both commitment and money.

We have a very strict procedure in selecting franchise brands we are going to represent. We help our franchisor clients design their China Franchise Model & Terms using our knowledge of this second largest consumer market on the globe; we help our clients figure out selling points of their marketing strategies to stand out from their rivals; moreover, we draft all the franchise deal documents and further take care every step of each deal for our franchisor clients.

Most importantly, we have a very complete system and extensive network for our proprietary trademarked service ‘FranChina Matchmaking Program’ (FMP), of which the mission is to help our franchisor clients identify franchisee candidates and make the candidates understand the value of our clients’ brands before the most qualified becoming the franchisees of our clients.

Our ‘FranChina Matchmaking Program’ is a customized solution-oriented service tailored to each of our franchisor clients through mutually agreed upon scope of work. Normally, our FMP service can be delivered as a standardized process as follows:

  • Input on Client’s China Franchise Model & Term Sheet
  • Outlining Qualification and Territory of Franchisee Candidate
  • Candidate Search & Pre-Qualification
  • Candidate Interview by Client
  • Discovery Day by Interview-Passed Candidate
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Signing Agreement & Paying Initial Fees by Franchisee
  • Closing Deal

In addition, since our inception we have been working very closely with those internationally-recognized franchise law firms in closing deals for our franchisor clients. The legal team of ourselves can also handle on-the-ground such core legal issues as drafting or customizing Master Franchise or Area License Agreement and China Franchise Disclosure Documents in any cross-border or in-country franchising or similar business transactions.